Feria del Rosario 2023 – horses galore!

The Feria de Fuengirola, also known as Feria del Rosario, will happen in the beautiful Fuengirola from October 6 to 12 in 2023, with the parade happening before, on October 1st. This Feria is named in honor of the patroness saint of the city, Nossa Senhora do Rosario Coronada (Our Crowned Lady of the Rosary).

The distinctive aspect of the Feria del Rosario is that it is also a horse show event, something that the poster of this year’s celebration hints:

Feria del Rosario 2023 - Poster
See the horse’s head on the side? It is not there by chance.

I have summarized here the main aspects of the Feria de Fuengirola. This time, the official program, that you can check here, has the list of events in both Spanish and English! Therefore, no translation needed 😉 (Thank you, Fuengirola Town Hall!) I’ve included both parts of the program below, for further reference. So, let’s check the key points:

Official program in Spanish

  • Feria del Rosario 2023 - Program October 1st
  • Feria del Rosario 2023 - Program October 6th
  • Feria del Rosario 2023 - Program October 7th
  • Feria del Rosario 2023 - Program October 8th and 9th
  • Feria del Rosario 2023 - Program October 10th and 11th
  • Feria del Rosario 2023 - Program October 12th

Official program in English

Though more compact than the Spanish version, the English translation has the same information as the Spanish one.

  • Feria del Rosario 2023 - English Program October 1 to 7
  • Feria del Rosario 2023 - English Program October 8 to 12

Sunday, October 1st – Romería del Rosario

This is the day of the Romería, pilgrimage or procession in honor of Our Lady of the Rosary. But I prefer to call it a Parade! Even though the pictures the cities use to illustrate the parades are quite serious and somber, the reality of the event is much more festive. Take a look at the fun Romería de San Juan, in Benalmadena, and at the Romería de San Miguel, in Torremolinos, to have an idea of what is to come.

This event is going to be beautiful, cheerful, colorful, full of music, fun for all ages, and – given that this is the Feria of the Rosario – also filled with beautifully adorned horses and carriages. Highly recommended!

The program describes the route the parade will follow, departing at 10:30 AM from the Calle Miguel de Cervantes. This is a long street that passes right by the Plaza de la Constitución, where the Church Nuestra Señora del Rosario is. I suppose the concentration and departure of the Parade will be by the height of the Plaza de la Constitución. 😉 I’ve added here a how to get to the Plaza from the train station and a map of the route that the parade will follow:

Feria del Rosario 2023 - From Fuengirola Station to the Plaza de la Constitución
How to get to the Plaza de la Constitución / Calle Miguel de Cervantes from the Fuengirola train station. Map from Google Maps.
Feria del Rosario 2023 - Fuengirola Train Station
The Fuengirola Train station. Photo by Mama Málaga

Depart the Fuengirola Train Station – which is the last stop of the train’s c1 line – and follow Avenue Jesus Santos Rein until Av. De Mijas. Turn right into Avenida de Mijas until Avenida Condes de San Isidro and turn right again on a street called Plaza de la Constitución! There is no mistake, as it is just a 6 minutes walk from the train station. You can also follow the locals, in beautiful polka dot Flamenco dresses, that will be heading that way. 😉

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Feria del Rosario 2023 - Church of Nuestra Senora del Rosario
Above: Church of Nuestra Señora del Rosario, Fuengirola. The Feria preparations were already starting when I took this picture! Photo by Mama Málaga.
Feria del Rosario 2023 - Plaza de la Constitución
A little bit of the beautiful Plaza de la Costitución in Fuengirola.

From there, the Parade will follow the route drawn below (or so is my interpretation of the route described). I find it a bit puzzling that, if I understood correctly, the parade will leave Fuengirola to finish in Mijas, but I guess it just reinforces my personal theory that the boundaries between the cities of the Costa del Sol are not very ‘bordery’; it’s all a big mix of paradise. And Mijas and Fuengirola are so intertwined every day!

Feria del Rosario 2023 - Route of the Parade of the Feria del Rosario

Now, luckily, the Town Hall has a special bus route for this day. Below are the itineraries and times:

Feria del Rosario 2023 - Bus routes on October 1st

Friday, October 6th – Opening of the Feria del Rosario

Palacio de la Paz

At 9:30 PM there will be the opening speech and the lights of the Feria will be switched on. This ceremony will take place in front of the Palacio de la Paz, which in turn sits just at the end of the Recinto Ferial de Fuengirola.

This location is about halfway between the train stations of Fuengirola and Los Boliches; you can depart from either and walk about 20 minutes to get there.

Feria del Rosario 2023 - from los Boliches to the Palacio de la Paz
Above: how to get to the Palacio de la Paz from Los Boliches train station.
Feria del Rosario 2023 - Los Boliches train station
Los Boliches Train Station. Photo by Mama Málaga.

From October 6th to October 12th, Fuengirola will have two circular bus routes at night – running from 21:30 to 4:30 AM – departing and arriving at the fairgrounds / recinto ferial. Below are their routes and timetables:

Feria del Rosario 2023 - Buses during the Feria del Rosario

Saturday, October 7th – Start of the Feria de día

Recinto Ferial

From October 7 till 12, during the daytime, there will be children’s attractions (a funfair) at the fairgrounds – the Recinto ferial, right by the Palacio de la Paz and visible on the map above. Unfortunately, the program doesn’t mention at what time they start, finish, or what attractions will be available; neither what else, besides the funfair, will be there. I guess it is going to be a surprise for the whole family…

We know, nevertheless, that will be a funfair because it is briefly mentioned that On October 9th these attractions will be at half price. And that is the extent of what the program lets us know! The program doesn’t mention anything else about the Feria de Día (daytime fair), actually; it is way more focused on the nighttime shows.

Plaza de la Constitución

There will be a new parade departing from the Plaza de la Constitución (See how to get there above, on the October 1st sub-topic) and it will follow the itinerary shown below. The program mentions that the horsemen will join at 12:45 at Calle Palangreros! This will be fun.

Feria del Rosario 2023 - October 7th's Parade route
Above Itinerary of the Parade On October 7th in Fuengirola. This will be a much easier walk / ride than the one on October 1st.
Feria del Rosario 2023 - Reyes de España
Sculpture of Isabel and Fernando, Queen and King that unified Spain as a State. This sculpture is in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, part of the itinerary of the parade on October 7th.

Shows at the Feria del Rosario 2023

Palacio de la Paz

During the Feria del Rosario, every night there is going to be a different show at the Palacio de la Paz. Tickets for these shows can be bought online here, or in person at Viajes Flores, in Paseo Marítimo Rey de España, number 63 (Edificio Lubina), according to the program.

Feria del Rosario 2023 - shows

Recinto Ferial – Caseta de la tercera edad

There will be several shows too at the tent of the 3rd age, as seen in the program:

Feria del Rosario 2023 - shows Caseta 3a edad

Monday October 9th – Día del Niño

October 9th will be the children’s day, with attractions at half price. Considering this is a Monday and not a holiday – kids go to school and their parents go to work – I think there won’t be many kids enjoying their day. At least they can join the show in the evening, that on this day will be for kids.

Thursday, October 12th – Spain’s National Holiday

Church Nuestra Señora del Carmen

At 11:00, there will be a mass that the program calls a ‘Baturra Mass’. Baturra or Baturro means ‘from Aragón’, a province in the north of Spain. This mass is organized by the Aragón House of the Costa del Sol, on the festivity of the Aragonese patroness, the Virgen del Pilar.

Above: The church of Nuestra Señora del Carmen

Plaza de la Constitución

At 12:00 – Spain’s National Day will be celebrated with a performance by the Jota group ‘El Cachirulo’, from Albalate del Arzobispo, a small pueblo in Aragón. Jota is a Spanish typical dance. Read more about Jota here and see a bit of it below:

Let’s have a great Feria del Rosario! Horses, funfairs, shows and surprises awaits for us there! And if you don’t know Fuengirola well yet, this is a great opportunity to see more of this beautiful city. Enjoy the beaches in between shows, explore the area, the beauty of the streets and the surprises spread along the way. Below, a taste of Fuengirola, for your delight:

Feria del Rosario 2023 - Los Boliches area
Around Los Boliches, Fuengirola
Feria del Rosario 2023  - Carvajal beach
Carvajal Beach
Feria del Rosario 2023  - A street in Fuengirola
A street in Fuengirola
Feria del Rosario 2023 - Osborne Bull
The Osborne Bull in Torreblanca. Misterious, right? Check more about it in Train Stations in Fuengirola!

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