Halloween in Fuengirola 2023 – can you escape?

The program for the Halloween in Fuengirola 2023 has just been published; it’s right out of the dark, fiery cauldron of Fuengirola’s City Council. The Councils for Parties and for Youth have also described a bit of what we can expect from the terrific events they have in store (stove?) for us… there’s an escape room, a gymkhana and so much more; beware…

Halloween in Fuengirola 2023
Cover of the program for Fuengirola’s Halloween 2023

You can check the original interview, in Spanish, and the link to the program on the bottom of the same page. I’ve translated the program and added some of the information they mentioned on the interview. So, let’s see what horrifying surprises they have been cooking!!

Halloween in Fuengirola 2023
Above: the program of the Halloween in Fuengirola 2023

Halloween makeup workshop (Oct 28th)

The fun will begin already on Saturday, October 28, at 11:00, with a Halloween makeup workshop. This event is intended for kids between 12 and 17 years old and is free of charge, but places are limited, and therefore, registration is required. Registration for this event can be done in person starting from October 18th at 09:00. Residents of Fuengirola will have preference for the places.

The program mentions ‘Edificio colores, (Youth Council)’, as ‘place’, but doesn’t say if that is the place for registration or the place for the event (maybe both?); there is also no address for this building, but I believe it is the one shown below:

Fuengirola stirring a little mistery… If that is the right place, it is close to the Train Station Los Boliches 😉

Halloween in Fuengirola 2023
Location of the Concejalias de igualdad y juventud (Councils for equality and youth) building…

Horror Escape Room (Oct 31st)

The Horror Escape Room will happen from 16:00 till midnight in the Casa de la Cultura. People from the age of 12 can participate in groups of 1 to 4 people; new entrances will be allowed every 15 minutes.

Escape rooms are so much fun, I am already including it in my planner for 3 years from now, when Kiddo will be 12! Being in the Casa de la Cultura, though, I am not sure I would want to escape…

The event is free of charge, but registration is once again required, and should be made online, this time through the platform entradium, starting from October 18th at 16:30.

Geting to the Casa de la Cultura is very easy – walk 5 mins from Fuengirola Train Station:

Halloween in Fuengirola 2023
Casa de la Cultura

Meeting of horror stories (Oct 31st)

At 19:30, for kids from 12 years old, at the Finca de El Secretario. How about hearing horror stories among the ruins of an old Roman settlement, while being watched by the Osborne Bull? I think the City Council could not have chosen a better location!!!

Get there walking 15 minutes from Los Boliches Train Station:

Halloween in Fuengirola 2023
Finca de El Secretario

Horror gymkhana through the city center (Oct 31st)

A gymkhana is a playful competition in which the participants may have to do tasks requiring speed, strength, or deciphering clues. This competition is, again, free of charge, intended for 12 years old or older and requires registration through entradium. The registration starts on October 18th at 16:30.

The gymkhana will take place in the Plaza de España, starting at 20:00. Contestants should arrive a bit before, as there will be a check-in from 19:30 to 20:00, near the bust of Dr. Garcia Verdugo. There will be a lottery for prizes distribution among those who manage to complete the gymkhana!

Do you think 40-somethings years old can participate? I love gymkhanas!! First task: find the bust of Dr. Verdugo in the picture below, of the plaza de España:

I made it easy; it is right in the center. Getting there is also a breeze, walking 10 minutes from Fuengirola Train Station:

Halloween in Fuengirola 2023
Plaza and Parque de España. Dr. Garcia Verdugo’s bust is shown as much as Google Maps can.

Great party for kids! (Oct 31st)

Kids party with entertainment, music, dance, games, theater, and workshops! No age limit!! From 20:00 to 22:00 in the very same Plaza de España shown above 😉This is an event for the whole family. Face paintings and magic shows are also mentioned in the interview!

Great passage of terror – The Dark and Spooky garden (Oct 31st)

At the same general place (Plaza de España) and starting at the same hour (20:00) as the great party for kids, there will be the passage of terror ‘The Dark and Spooky garden’. The Plaza de España is a square that is part of a larger park (Parque de España) and the whole area will be decorated with spooky motifs. Fun for the whole family, until 23:00.

Then we all become pumpkins and go back home counting the days for Halloween the next year, as this is the end of October 31st 2023. I think you’ll have a terrific and spookastic time at the Halloween in Fuengirola! 😊

And a big thank you to the team at the Ayuntamiento de Fuengirola for having prepared all the party, for releasing the program early (and did you noticed how cute it is?) and for placing all the activities near the train stations – acessibility matters; we see you care!

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