Feria de los Países Fuengirola 2024 – culture and fun overwhelm

April 15, 2024
Last updated: May 01, 2024

Let the Ferias season begin! The Feria de los Países Fuengirola 2024 opens our yearly calendar of Ferias (fairs) in the Costa del Sol. And what an opening! We start with one of the best and the most multicultural of them all! In 2024, the 28th edition of the Feria de los Países brings 33 countries, that will show and share their music, dance, crafts, culture and food for 5 days – from May 1 to 5, 2024. Never too much to say: entrance to the Feria and to the events are free.

Feria de los paises Fuengirola 2024

The Feria’s full name is Feria Internacional de los Países (aka FIP), and this year it’s on its 28th edition. This Feria used to be known as Feria Internacional de los Pueblos, but the name change was welcome, as the word ‘pueblos’ has two meanings in Spanish; it can mean either the Spanish villages or different groups of people and their cultures. I guess that’s why they used international in the name, to try to be more specific.

The new name, which literally means ‘International Fair of the Countries’ is more clear about the theme of the fair and avoids misinterpretation (though a bit redundant; Fair of the Countries would mean the same). No matter what the name is, this fair is an outstanding event, where 33 nations will be sharing their culture side-by-side but independently from each other. We can travel to another country just by walking to the next house!

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The place: Recinto Ferial de Fuengirola

Fuengirola’s Recinto Ferial (fairgrounds) can be divided in two: first a street sided by a parking lot, and then the same street sided by houses or booths (casetas) that sit side-by-side. These booths belong or are maintained, on normal days, to different asociations present in Fuengirola; during the days of fair or other events, they can host a multitude of different activities related to the event that is going on. Fuengirola’s fairgrounds is a fantastic open space, suitable to host the large-scale events that happen in the city.

Above: some of the booths of Fuengirola fairgrounds, on each side of the street. The building in the end of the street is the Palacio de la Paz, usually where the administration of the event stays.

Getting there

Fuengirola’s fairgrounds is right in between the Train Stations Fuengirola and Los Boliches, about 12 minutes’ walk from either. It’s also close to the bus stop Ajolí and to the Bus terminal of Fuengirola – it is easy to reach from almost anywhere in the Costa del Sol. 😉

Feria de los Países Fuengirola 2024

The Experience

I went to the Feria on its first day (May 1), and two main impressions stood out:
– it is even better and more interesting than I anticipated, and
– it is overcrowded.

I went there by train (which I use a lot) and I could tell from Benalmadena that the train was unusually full. Little did I know that everybody was going to the fair, but I realized it when we all got out at Los Boliches. It must have been fun to watch from outside, the packed crowd leaving the train, then the station, and remain packed all the way to the fair, because everybody was going to the same place, which by the way, was already full!!!

A few pictures:

As soon as you enter, the first part of the Recinto Ferial in a funfair, with plenty of attractions for kids:

Right after the funfair, comes a large tent, with a market going on both inside and outside, on the laterals:

Then comes the Feria de los Países for real! On this first day, I couldn’t take pictures of all the booths (my phone’s battery died after only 200 pictures…) but I’ll share here the ones I’ve managed to capture. I can’t really emphasize enough how interesting it was to see a salsa show and, a minute latter, a cowboy singing rock, and then a traditional Romanian dance and song presentation right after… The FIP 2024 is an amazing event. I risk say, it may be the best event I’ve been to so far in the Costa del Sol.

A few images of the booths:


Uruguay has a large booth and extra space outside, where they are serving barbecue.


The kids were preparing to show traditional dance!




Mylen Suárez made everybody dance!


A tip: every booth has two doors; one facing the central avenue of the Recinto Ferial de Fuengirola (Fuengirola fairgrounds) and another one facing the back street. The back street is much less crowded, so it is much easier to access the booths through the back. I strongly recommend you get that street if you intend to move from one booth to the next!


Countries with Spanish heritage have the largest booths at the FIP 2024. I think it is understandable, as these countries have large communities living in Spain.



Puerto Rico



Two lovely ladies from Paraguay posed for me! Thank you!




These are not even half of the booths!!! Outside them, in the streets, there was a lot happening as well – like this parade, from Bolivia:

I am very impressed with the FIP 2024. They really achieve their purpose of reuniting in one event a great diversity of cultures; and the countries, in turn, are clearly displaying their best. As usual with fairs and public events in the Costa del Sol, the afternoon went smoothly – as you can see from the pictures, a lot of people smiling and having fun everywhere. Going to the Feria de Fuengirola is really a great opportunity, that you should not miss. Just be careful of the crowds, because it can get very packed, particularly in the main avenue.

How to find each country’s booth

Fuengirola’s town hall has already released a lot of information about the Feria; among them, it includes the map you see below, with both the countries that are participating in the Feria and the location where you can find them in the fair. Each flag below corresponds to the position of the country’s booth in the fairgrounds, in relation to the location of the Palacio de la Paz:

Feria de los paises Fuengirola 2024 - map
Fip 2024’s map

So, when you enter the fairgrounds and reach the part where the booths are, you’ll know that if you are looking for Brazil’s booth, for instance, it will be the last one, to the right, closest to the Palacio de la Paz.

General program

There is a general program – common to all the fair – and specific programs for each one of the countries / booths, as each country’s representation prepared their own program of activities that will happen in their booth. The general program is similar every day: the fair opens at noon, the booths open at 1:00 pm and close at 4:00 am (!!). On the eve of weekdays, music stops and lights turn on at 02:00 am (so that the neighbors can sleep), and on the first day there will be a parade going from the town hall to the Fairgrounds with all the participating countries!

Wednesday, May 1st

11:30 Great parade of participating folk groups
12:00 Opening of the International Trade Fair “FIM”
13:00 Opening of Booths
02:00 Music turns off and lights turn on
04:00 Closing of Booths

Thursday, May 2

12:00 Opening of the International Trade Fair “FIM”
13:00 Opening of Booths
02:00 Music turns off and lights turn on
04:00 Closing of Booths

Friday, May 3

12:00 Opening of the International Trade Fair “FIM”
13:00 Opening of Booths
04:00 Closing of Booths

Saturday May 4

12:00 Opening of the International Trade Fair “FIM”
13:00 Opening of Booths
04:00 Closing of Booths

Sunday May 5

12:00 Opening of the International Trade Fair “FIM”
13:00 Opening of Booths
02:00 Music turns off and lights turn on
04:00 Closing of Booths

Programs by country

Each one of the countries has their own program for each of the days. You can find these programs on the page with the schedule of the event and select there the day and the country whose program you are interested in viewing; you can also choose only the day and see the full program of all the booths – it’s enormous!!!

Feria de los paises Fuengirola 2024 - May 1, UK
Above: the program for the UK booth on May 1st on the Feria Internacional de los Paises 2024, in Fuengirola.
Feria de los paises Fuengirola 2024, May 1
Above: these are only the events starting at 4:00 pm on May 1st. And it’s not even all of them!!!

In red: music
In green: traditional music
In yellow: traditional dance and music
In blue: traditional dance
In gray: DJ
In white: others – which can be entertainment for kids or adults, tasting of traditional dishes or workshops (of a variety of things and for a variety of ages; the ones on the image above are a workshop of Bachata and Merengue, by the Dominican Republic; the next about how to pour a Guiness, by the Irish; and the third, how to do bead embroidery, by the Brazilians. As a Brazilian, I can say this last one is very traditional, indeed. I do some myself).

A few curiosities about the Feria de los Paises 2024

– the US state of Hawaii is being represented in its own booth – it’s the only exception; all other representations are for countries, including the USA itself.
– Spain has it’s own booth, which starts everyday at 4:00 pm – after the siesta!!
– This is the first time in the history of the FIP that Lebanon will be represented. And their food is amazing, did you try it?


No matter when you go, there will be something interesting going on. Plenty, actually; you may be overwhelmed by so many good options! It is a 33-in-one event, so to speak. This is one of the best events of the year; if you are in or around Fuengirola in early May, or if you can be there, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the Feria de los Paises and immerse yourself in the culture of some – or all – of the 33 countries that bring their flavor to this amazing fair! 33 trips in one – what a bargain! 😉 See you there!