Living in Spain

Navigating the practical and cultural sides of this vibrant country

Living in Spain

Check bellow our impressions on what living in Spain is like and see if it will be a right fit for you. As usual, I’ll be transparent about my impressions, for better or worse. Keep in mind that even though Benalmadena smells likes flowers (it does!), life is not perfect even in Spain.

Living in Spain: Getting your Spanish documents done

As soon as you arrive in Spain you’ll have to deal with the local documentation, which will be important for everything in your new life. Check here easy guides on how to obtain the NIE, residency, Padrón, driver’s license and health certificate, as well as tips on what to look for on a good gestor. 😉  This will make your life so much easier!

Living in Spain: House hunting, buying or renting

How to find a house or apartment and what are the steps to buy? Is it worthy buying from abroad, and if so, how can I know more about the area? You can find detailed information and our complete experience in this section, so heads up to avoid some future troubles with our awesome tips!

Living in Spain: Schools in Spain

It is still a learning process, but we already have figured out the Spanish School system and we have something to tell about both private and public schools in Spain, from enrolling, prices, food and teaching methods. Check here to share on our progress!

Living in Spain: Cars and going around

Is buying a car an easy task in Spain? Yes it is… relatively easy. Dealing with insurance and car accidents too. The traffic, roundabouts and driving rules, not so easy. Check here for an overview of how to drive around Spain, that includes what to do in case of a car accident.

Living in Spain: Spanish culture and more

You may have heard that “Spain is different”. Of course it is! And what that difference is depends on what you are used to. Here I summarize some of our discovers, happy finds and shocks, from La Siesta to exploring the beauty of the Spanish countryside, and then some.

In the next section, Traveling to the Costa del Sol, you’ll find interesting activities to do with or without kids. Come to know more about the ferias, hotels, parks, shows, processions; discover with me, as I am still finding them out – I already know there are things going on all year round and that Spain is an amazing place for vacations! If you are still considering wether to move or not, check also our first section, Moving to Spain, where I share our experience and the things we learned on the way. Have a good time!

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