Traveling to the Costa del Sol in the fall

Activities in September, October and November 2023

September 1, 2023

Traveling to the Costa del Sol in the fall is a great idea. As the temperatures become more moderate, the weather allows for a more pleasing time out in the open; therefore, this is a great time to explore the surroundings. The possibilities that the Costa del Sol offers remain, for the most part, available – the more interesting ones, for sure. With fewer crowds, there is a lot to do and even more to see!  

Costa del Sol in the fall

The Costa del Sol transforms into a captivating paradise in the autumn. From festive celebrations to an array of activities and captivating places of interest, autumn in Costa del Sol promises a journey filled with joy, tranquility or activities – as you wish – and unforgettable experiences. Here are some that come to mind.

Autumnal Festivities

Feria de Mijas Pueblo

Autumn in Costa del Sol brings with it a series of delightful festivities that highlight the region’s vibrant culture and traditions. One such celebration, in the beginning of September, is the Feria de Mijas Pueblo. This traditional display of joy and pride, that in 2023 will happen from September 5th to 10th, displays parades with giant dolls, music presentations, traditional food and religious processions in the lovely white-washed Mijas Pueblo, a town worth a visit or more.

Costa del Sol in the fall
A street in Mijas Pueblo. Photo by MamaMalaga

Feria de San Miguel in Torremolinos

In late September (from September 27 to October 1st in 2023) there is the Feria de San Miguel in Torremolinos. This lively fair features flamenco performances, traditional dance, and delicious Andalusian cuisine, creating an atmosphere of merriment and camaraderie among its visitors and the locals.

Feria del Rosario in Fuengirola

In the first half of October (between October 6 and 12 in 2023), there is the Feria del Rosario in Fuengirola, that has the horse as the main attraction, as well as participants dressed with local traditional costumes and carriages on the streets. You can expect a lot of traditional sevillanas and flamenco dance and musical shows through the whole duration of the feria.

National day of Spain

October 12th is the national day of Spain, so you can count on a civic celebration anywhere you may be in the country. Remember, it is also a national holiday!

Feria de San Pedro de Alcantara in Marbella

Closing the season of Ferias comes the Feria de San Pedro de Alcantara, in Marbella (from October 16 to October 22 in 2023), with drones and fireworks displays, lots of shown and parades in this week long festivity.

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Feria del Rosario in Fuengirola 2023
Feria de San Pedro de Alcantara – Marbella 2023


In the end of October, Halloween is a big celebration in the towns of the Costa. Bring a costume in your bag – you won’t regret it! Then go out on the night of October 31st to enjoy seeing and being seen by the many fellow party lovers dressed in the funniest ways.

Costa del Sol in the fall: pumpknis
Picture by Toni Cuenca at Pexels

In Benalmadena, the Halloween celebrations tend to concentrate on Benalmadena Pueblo and in the Plaza de la Mesquita, where it spreads through most of the main avenue of Arroyo de la Miel, the Avenida de la Constitución. In Fuengirola, it is centered around the Plaza and Parque de España, in the city center; in Estepona, there is a large party in their fairgrounds.

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From the end of October till the end of November, look for festivities related to chestnuts, the Castañadas. As chestnuts are harvested during this period, but with some variation from one year to the next, the dates of the celebrations also vary. The Costa del Sol in the fall gets filled with stalls selling roasted chestnuts, and some cities celebrate it with a party.

Costa del Sol in the fall: castanas
A stall selling castañas (roasted chestnuts) in Malaga

The most famous of such festivities is in Pujerra, an inland white village southwest of Ronda. Celebrate autumn in style in this village nestled up in the mountains, surrounded by chestnut trees and the kaleidoscope of warm hues typical of autumn. More than the festivity itself, going to Pujerra offers a glimpse of life in a traditional inland Pueblo blanco and an opportunity to marvel at the Spanish countryside.

Costa del Sol in the fall: Pujerra
Pujerra. Picture from the Ayuntamiento de Pujerra.
Costa del Sol in the fall: autumn trees
Pujerra mountains during the autumn. Picture by the Ayuntamiento de Pujerra.

The best way to get to Pujerra is by car; if you need to rent one, check discovercars – they have the best prices and have been winning high quality prizes year after year.

Semana Flamenca de Benalmadena

If you are a fan of Flamenco, don’t miss the XI Semana Flamenca de Benalmádena. It will happen from November 10 to 17, in the Casa de La Cultura in Arroyo de la Miel. November 16 is Flamenco Day, so you are sure to find Flamenco related events going on in most of the town in the Costa.

Costa del Sol in the fall: flamenco
XI Semana Flamenca de Benalmadena

Gastronomic Delights

The Costa del Sol in the fall delights the taste buds with a bounty of seasonal produce and delectable dishes. Savor the flavors of the harvest season with traditional stews, such as Rabo de Toro (oxtail stew), and indulge in sweet treats like Churros dipped in rich hot chocolate. The region’s renowned seafood offerings, paired with fresh local wines, provide a culinary journey that celebrates the essence of Andalusian coastal living.

If you are around in November, taste the Castañas asadas or tostón, the typical snack/dish associated with this time of the year. If you see a big line, odds are these people are waiting for their chance to buy some castañas (chestnuts) in one of the stalls that appear magically on the street just during this season.

Costa del Sol in the fall: roasted chestnuts
A chestnut stall in Arroyo de la Miel, Benalmadena

But if you are aiming at something extra special, you must see this restaurant: La Garganta, in El Chorro, at the base of the El Caminito del Rey hiking trip:

Costa del Sol in the fall: la garganta
Take your time to recover your jaw if, like mine, yours dropped to the floor. Picture by La Garganta

La Garganta is a hotel and a restaurant, with this view. You don’t need to be staying at the hotel to enjoy the restaurant, but that wouldn’t be a bad idea. You can plan a trip involving La Garganta and El Caminito del Rey – the two activities are nearby. Hint: If you are thinking about a romantic proposal, there is no way it can be better than here. Just saying.

Hiking Through Nature

Autumn is the perfect time to explore the region’s natural beauty in the open air, and among the many (really: many!) trails in the province of Málaga there is one that is clearly the most famous, due to its outstanding views: El Caminito del Rey (The King’s Path). The curious name relates to the 1921 visit of the Spanish King Alfonso XIII, that walked the trail.

Some pictures of El Caminito del Rey, both from

Costa del Sol in the fall: El Caminito del Rey
Costa del Sol in the fall: el caminito del Rey

Besides the gorgeous views, the other advantage of this popular trail is precisely that, because it is a guided trail that is always busy, the level of safety is much higher than that of most hikes. El caminito is so famous that you can book a guided tour that will pick you from virtually anywhere in the Costa del Sol, take you to El Caminito and do a guided tour through the trail, as part of a group or individually. Choose your starting point below:

Starting from El Chorro
Starting from Málaga, Benalmádena, Torremolinos or Fuengirola
Starting from Fuengirola or Marbella
Starting from Marbella or Estepona
Starting from Málaga or Rincón de la Victoria
Starting from Nerja, Torrox or Torre del Mar

If you enjoy doing trails on your own, without a guide, the mountains of the Sierra de Mijas may be just what you are looking for, and the weather in the fall is ideal for hiking. These trails offer different levels of difficulty and are well signaled. Check their map below and check also the blog Andalucia hiking, that explains each of the trails on the map 😉

Costa del Sol in the fall: hiking in the Sierra de Mijas
Hiking enthusiasts can venture into the trail net of the Sierra de Mijas.  Map by Mijas – Senderismo

From Benalmadena, you can follow several trails – map here – including some that finish on Mount Calamorro, from where you can go back down by cable car.

Another great source of hiking information is Gran Senda de Malaga (Great Malaga Path). The Great Malaga Path is group of connected trails that makes up around 850km in the Malaga mountains; the page also links to an interesting app that works offline and helps navigation on the trail. Quite interesting. Moreover, they talk about a future coastal path connecting about 200 km of the Costa del Sol – from Manilva to Nerja, and then some! Wow!

Coastal Tranquility

The Costa del Sol in the fall becomes more serene as the summer crowds dwindle. The beaches invite you to unwind on the sands or to take leisurely strolls along the water’s edge, a favorite activity all year long. The Mediterranean Sea remains warm and inviting, particularly in September, making it an ideal time for a relaxing dip in the waters.

Costa del Sol in the fall: beach
Arroyo de la Miel beach in Benalmadena. Photo by MamaMalaga

In September the weather is still completely invinting to enter the waters; in October and November, less so – though we see people brave enough to swim. In the end, it is a matter of personal preference. The seaside activities, though, are atractive to everybody along the coast.

You can stroll along the promenades enjoying the view, the people and pets, the many restaurants, pubs and chiringuitos, juice and ice cream shops, plus some welcoming discoveries – a marina, a cute moorish castle-like information center (in Benalmadena); great shops along the way (in Fuengirola); flowers and palmtrees (in Estepona). Here are some of them:

The beautiful promenade of Torremolinos goes along the whole town, sided by restaurants and chiringuitos. You can stop on one (or many) on your walks to have a juice, a coffee, a snack or a meal. The image below is from November 2022; see how people are dressing?

Here, a bit of the promenade of Benalmádena, where you find lots of restaurants and bars.

Costa del Sol in the fall: Las Gaviotas, Benalmadena
Las gaviotas, by the paseo de Benalmadena. This area has many pubs, including the famous Dizzy Donkey! Photo by MamaMalaga

Estepona has renovated their promenade recently, and it is now one of the best promenades (and my personal favorite). It is wide, has lots of playgrounds, lush vegetation, palmtrees and colorful flowers. Great all year long.

Charming White Villages

Autumn is the perfect season to explore the region’s charming white villages (pueblos blancos), which dot the hillsides with their traditional architecture and picturesque settings. Villages like Frigiliana, Benalmadena Pueblo, Mijas Pueblo, and Ronda offer a glimpse into the rich history and cultural heritage of Costa del Sol, while the cooler autumnal temperatures allow for leisure walks through their winding cobblestone streets.

Frigiliana is one of the most famous and beautiful white-washed villages in Spain. The town has several narrow, winding streets and steps that open suddenly into beautiful, unexpected views; it also mixes cobblestone with mosaic pavements, lush vegetation and dry climate plants, forming a gorgeous composition.

Benalmadena Pueblo is like a village within a town. It is part of Benalmadena, but at the same time it preserves it’s architecture and traditional lifestyle. It offers fantastic views of Benalmadena and the Mediterranean, as it is probably the closest pueblo to the sea in the whole Province of Malaga. And it is very easy to get there, as you can reach it on local buses from Benalmadena, Torremolinos or even Malaga.

Mijas pueblo is an enchanting gem located on the Sierra de Mijas. It is part of the Costa del Sol and easily accessible on local bus from anywhere between Malaga to Fuengirola.  It’s beautiful white-washed houses on the hillside, with potted flowers on the walls enchant visitors from all over the world; Mijas also has a luxurious botanical route within its former wall and gorgeous views. You can know and see more about this village on its dedicated post – the beauty of Mijas Pueblo.

Ronda is a historical city located about 100 km inland from Malaga. Its Arab influence, palaces and the Puente Nuevo – the arch bridge that overlooks El Tarjo gorge – makes it one of the most remarkable cities in inland Andalusia.

If you want to visit Ronda from Malaga, there are several excursions you can choose from. This one departs from Malaga and lasts 8 hours; this excursion last only two hours, starting from Ronda. From Fuengirola, Benalmadena, Torremolinos and Malaga, this excursion to Ronda also includes a visit to Setenil de Las Bodegas, an interesting Pueblo in Cadiz partially built inside a cliff! All excursions leave you where they picked you.

Exploring Historical Treasures

Autumn’s mild weather is perfect for exploring the historical treasures of the Costa del Sol. In the city of Malaga, visit the Alcazaba and Gibralfaro Castle, which offer stunning panoramic views of the city and the Mediterranean Sea.

Alcazaba means fortified city or citadel. The Alcazaba de Malaga is located in the city center, close to several of the city’s museums and cultural attractions. This impressive moorish construction stands on a hilltop and overlooks the sea. The area of the Alcazaba has beautiful arabic channels, fountains, archs and gardens. The guided visits last for about 1 and a half hours.

The Gibralfaro Castle occupies a hill near the Alcazaba. To acces the castle it is necessary to climb the hill (about 20 minutes); this path itself is already worth a visit, because of the beutiful views from Malaga on the way up. Both visits are interesting, but if you are short on time and have to pick only one, I’d recommend the Alcazaba. Check here several options of guided visits to The Alcazaba, Gibralfro Castle and other interesting monuments in the same area.

Transportation tips

If you are coming in 2023, get your “abono recurrente” train ticket, either in any train station or on-line. With this ticket, you can travel countless times between Fuengirola and Malaga (and beyond!) for just 10 euros; if you happen to travel at least 16 times, you actually receive the 10 euros back!!! We explain it all on the posts about free train travels in the Costa del Sol and more on free train tickets in the Costa del Sol – questions and answers.

Check also our other post about transportation in the Costa del Sol to know more about how to visit the many different interesting places around the Costa and inland. And to choose wether the free ticket is worth it or not, check what you can find in each of the stations on the C1 line on our series of train stations posts. 😉

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Accommodation tips

Though the weather still allows for pool dips, some communities don’t. Let me clarify: in September, the weather is still quite good to go to the pool, and there are pools in most of the buildings in the Costa del Sol that rent apartments for travelers. These buildings are administered by a community manager – usually a professional company that deals with the usual needs of a building, such as cleaning of the communal areas, garden upkeeping, lift maintenance and … the communal pool.   

In order to save money, most of these companies recommend that the pool closes during the colder months of the year, as the use would (in theory) be minimal. The apartment owners can decide collectively up to when the pool will be open, and turns out that in some buildings, the pool access closes as soon as mid-September, other is October, and others keep open all year long. There isn’t really much the owner of the apartment can do in such a situation, other than have the information clear on his rental ad. Therefore, if you are going to stay in a vacation rental, check the pool availability before you book.  😉


Traveling to Costa del Sol in the fall opens a treasure trove of experiences that celebrate the beauty of the season and the region’s vibrant culture. From festive celebrations to tranquil coastal getaways, captivating natural landscapes, and historical treasures, autumn in the Costa del Sol promises an uplifting journey that lingers in your heart for years to come. Embrace the charm of this sunlit paradise in the fall, where each day unfolds like a masterpiece of warmth, colors, and joy!

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