Train Stations in Torremolinos

September 29, 2023
Last updated on January 21, 2024

There are five train stations in Torremolinos. It is well deserved. After all, as Torremolinos slogan says, it is the origin of paradise – which is true, as the Costa del Sol started in Torremolinos.

Train stations in Torremolinos  - el origen del paraíso

Some Stations are more touristic than others, but all are great value for the residents. Check here which ones you intend to visit 😉 Let’s take a closer look at each of these 5 stations, on the route from Malaga to Fuengirola. We have a lot to see here, as Torremolinos is full of good surprises! Our first stop is in Los Álamos.

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Los Álamos

Train stations in Torremolinos - Los Álamos
Los Álamos station in Torremolinos

Such a cute place, the neighborhood around Los Álamos station. So close to the beach, but still with a feel of being nearly untouched by developers. On the short walk from the station to the beach, there are beautiful houses, small buildings, and little commerce on a flat area with many trees.

Train stations in Torremolinos - street to the beach
The street from the station to the beach

To me, Los Álamos feels like a small and cozy beach village, with the occasional airplane crossing the sky.

Train stations in Torremolinos - houses in Los Álamos
Houses and flowers in the slow paced Los Álamos area.
Train stations in Torremolinos - the promenade in Los Álamos
The promenade at Los Álamos, Torremolinos
Train stations in Torremolinos - more promenade
More promenade.

If you want to pamper yourself, you can rent this tent for the day:

Train stations in Torremolinos - balinesa
You are daydreaming, aren’t you?
Train stations in Torremolinos - price list
Prices at Pepe Beach

That luxury tent is called Balinesa, and is available on the Chiringuito Pepe-Beach, across from the Hotel Occidental Torremolinos. Renting it costs 50 euros for a full day. It is a lot more expensive than the regular hamacas for 7 euros, but hey, it fits at least 2 (maybe a kid too?). Come on, it’s not every day that luxury is in this price range!

Train stations in Torremolinos - hotel Occidental Torremolinos
Hotel Occidental Torremolinos, one of the tallest buildings facing the sea in this area of Torremolinos.

Los Álamos felt a bit dreamy to me, until I checked the prices of the real state in the neighborhood, on Idealista:

Train stations in Torremolinos - Idealista
Idealista’s map showing prices of houses for sale in Los Álamos área. Los Álamos train station is shown on the top left.

These prices are a lot above the average for Torremolinos!!! I guess I’m not the only one who finds this area adorable. Well, it seems the only real state I can afford in Los Álamos is a Balinesa rental…

La Colina

Train stations in Torremolinos - La Colina train station
La Colina train station. There is no way to exit to the side shown on the picture!

La Colina train station is very close to Los Álamos, but the area already feels a bit different. The main thing here is that it feels a bit void. But I don’t think it’s gonna last – there is plenty of construction going on. The area from the station to the beach (which, by the way, belongs to Los Álamos neighborhood) will soon, or in a few years, have the most modern apartments of Torremolinos, without a doubt. But for now, you can find something you find nowhere else in the Costa:

Train stations in Torremolinos - parking spots
Available parking spots!!

There are horses too:

Train stations in Torremolinos - horse
There was a second horse behind the bushes.

It is a flat area, and the station is a 15 minute walk to the beach. There are buildings along the way, but they are concentrated either near the beach or near the train station.

Train stations in Torremolinos - buildings
Area near La Colina station. You can already see the sea from the ground here.
Train stations in Torremolinos - building by the beach
A nice building very close to the sea.

Then you get to the Promenade, and it is as delicious as always in Torremolinos. Beautiful palm trees, sand, sunshine, chiringuitos – a vacation dream turned reality.

Train stations in Torremolinos - Promenade close to la Colina train station
The promenade near La Colina train station.
Train stations in Torremolinos - palmetrees
Same spot, another angle.
Train stations in Torremolinos - beach
Ain’t that what we live for?

Feels like we should stop here and just stay enjoying this beach. But Torremolinos has a lot more to offer!!! And now we are heading towards the main and most central station of the city:


Train stations in Torremolinos
Torremolinos Station

Torremolinos station sits right in the Plaza de la Nogalera and is the main station of the city. It is also the most central station of Torremolinos and is important for tourists and locals alike. From here there is so much to do and to see!

Train stations in Torremolinos - La Nogalera
Plaza de la Nogalera, view from the station’s exit
Train stations in Torremolinos - La Nogalera 2
Going across La Nogalera, towards Calle San Miguel.

Across La Nogalera is the famous Calle San Miguel (shown below) a walk-only street full of commerce on both sides. Great place for clothes and souvenirs. 😉

Train stations in Torremolinos - Calle San Miguel
A bit of the always busy Calle San Miguel

When going to Calle San Miguel from La Nogalera, we reach the famous commerce street at about it’s middle, right at a crossroad. Now comes the tough decision: going up, towards Plaza Costa del Sol, going across, towards the Plaza de la Unión Europea or down, towards Plaza San Miguel? It’s a hard life, I know. Why not do it all? Yes! First, we’ll go up.

Going up Calle San Miguel, from La Nogalera

Train stations in Torremolinos - Calle San Miguel in the Feria
The upper end of Calle San Miguel, reaching Av. Palma de Mallorca and the Plaza Costa del Sol.

The picture above was taken on the day of the parade of the Feria de San Miguel 2023, also known as Feria de Torremolinos. This event is happening until October 1st, so if you haven’t check it yet, there is still time!

Train stations in Torremolinos - Av. Palma de Mallorca
Avenida Palma de Mallorca

Walking around this area is a pleasure. Torremolinos has added a beautiful wavy structure providing shadow at the Plaza Costa del Sol, which is a delightful place to rest during shopping or pub/coffee crawls. This Plaza also displays some beautiful sculptures, it is worth visiting!

Train stations in Torremolinos - Plaza costa del Sol
Relaxing at the Plaza Costa del Sol.
Train stations in Torremolinos - Mom and baby sculpture
My favourite sculpture in the plaza. As Efu Nyaki beautifully wrote, ‘half of the world are women, and the other half, their children’.
Train stations in Torremolinos - sculpture
One more of the sculptures in the Plaza Costa del Sol.

Going across Calle San Miguel, from La Nogalera

Going this way, we reach the Plaza de la Unión Europea, a calm way shaded by trees and sided by commerce and cafes.

Train stations in Torremolinos - plaza de la union europea
Plaza de la Unión Europea.

From here, we can explore the interior of the city center, with some remarkable surprises, such as cute little plazas and artistic murals along the way.

Train stations in Torremolinos - center
Torremolinos’ city center
Train stations in Torremolinos - mural
All you need is love – mural in the Pasaje Begonia

And of course, Plaza de Andalucia is there to be found too!

Train stations in Torremolinos - Plaza de Andalucia
Plaza de Andalucia

Going down Calle San Miguel, from La Nogalera

Oh, this way we’ll get to the beach. 🙂 Going down Calle San Miguel, we soon reach the crossing with Calle de las Mercedes:

Train stations in Torremolinos - Calle de las Mercedes
The corner of Calle San Miguel and Calle de las Mercedes, the latter shown above.

If we follow Calle de Las Mercedes, we find (or not, because it is a bit hidden) the famous lift to the beach. Here is a picture of the lift, from the upper side, for reference.

Train stations in Torremolinos - lift

And a google map image of this area of the Calle de las Mercedes. See it on the back?

Train stations in Torremolinos - view
And this is the view from right besides the lift. There is a tall protection grid, though; those brave enough to put their camera or phone through it get this picture as reward!

If instead of turning at Las Mercedes we continue walking down Calle San Miguel, we reach the Church of San Miguel.

Train stations in Torremolinos - Church San Miguel
Church San Miguel

By climbing the stairs in front of the church, we reach Plaza San Miguel:

Train stations in Torremolinos - Plaza San Miguel
In the picture above, Plaza San Miguel decorated for the Feria de Torremolinos 2023.

Walking across the plaza, a bit further we find the entrance to one of the stairs that leads to Bajondillo beach:

Train stations in Torremolinos - Camino de la Playa
Camino de la Playa – way to the beach

From these stairs the view of the beautiful Bajondillo beach is amazing. There is a lift here too, but I don’t think it is working.

Train stations in Torremolinos - view from stairs
The view from this set of stairs

If instead of climbing the stairs in front of the church, we go along the church, we reach another set of stairs, and the Torre (Tower) Pimentel on the back:

Train stations in Torremolinos - going downstairs
Going down to the beach through the stairs along the Church San Miguel

This is a long set of stairs – be prepared! – but it is a nice walk. A few pictures of this way to the beach:

Train stations in Torremolinos - Some more stairs
The long and winding stairs that lead to the beach…
Train stations in Torremolinos - more stairs
… and a bit more.
Train stations in Torremolinos - view from the stairs
A little pause to breath and – Oh! What a view!
Train stations in Torremolinos - getting close
We are almost (halfway) there!

In between the white buildings on the left of the image above is the lower side of the lift to the beach.

Train stations in Torremolinos - the lift from the lower side
Don’t be scared, the lift is safe.

A few important info about the lift: it costs 50 cents to use, paid on the upper side. Payment with coins is preferable, but it is also possible to pay with small bills; cards are not accepted. No bicycles are allowed in the lift, but bags are ok, up to 2 per user. Finally, kids up to 5 years old travel for free (like on the train!)

From now on it’s flat. We follow Calle del Peligro (Danger Street, but why this name? Because we may overspend?) and get to the beach!

Train stations in Torremolinos  - Calle del Peligro
Calle del Peligro
Train stations in Torremolinos - beach!
Here we are! Bajondillo Beach at Torremolinos.
Train stations in Torremolinos - Bajondillo promenade
Time to enjoy the promenade and the infrastructure that the beaches in Torremolinos offer.

We continue walking on the promenade a bit, towards Malaga.

Train stations in Torremolinos - more Bajondillo Promenade
Torremolinos promenade… ah….

Then we turn back towards the city on Calle Antonio Navajas Ruíz (hint!) to see one last gem we can get to from Torremolinos Station…

Train stations in Torremolinos - Calle Antonio Navajas Ruíz
Calle Antonio Navajas Ruíz
Train stations in Torremolinos - La casa de los Navajas
La casa de los Navajas!

La casa de Los Navajas was a residence built in 1925 by a wealthy family of the area – the Navajas. The building belongs currently to the municipality, is open for visitation (see times here), for free, and can be rented for weddings and other celebrations. Remember that proposal that may have happened in El Chorro? So, getting married here would be a fit follow up.

Lovely Torremolinos central station. Now that we have warmed up, let’s move on to the next station! Choo choo!

Montemar Alto

Train stations in Torremolinos - Montemar Alto
Montemar Alto Station

Montemar Alto is mostly a residential neighborhood, but there is one reason that makes it unmissable for those visiting Torremolinos: the Parque de la Batería, a beautiful park, with a lovely pond, great views and a kid’s playground.

Train stations in Torremolinos - the pond at Parque de la Batería
The pond at Parque de la Batería.

See the little white boats, on the right side of the picture? I bet it would be fun to go around the pond on them, but I think they are not working anymore. I just saw them out in pictures!

Edit: Torremolinos’s city council said the boats are available again! They restarted on October 6th 2023, and are available on fridays, saturdays, sundays and holidays from 16:00 to 19:00. Really good news! 🙂

Edit 2: the boats are no longer available, as the city council decided to empty the pond to use the water for emergencies during the drought 🙁

Walking around the park, it’s hard to miss the aptly named Torre Mirador (Watch Tower). In the past, part of the park was an artillery battery spot, and this tower was used to watch the sea for enemies approaching. As soon as one was spotted, the cannons would all aim at the enemy together. Hence the name of the tower and the name of the park.

Train stations in Torremolinos - Torre Mirador
Torre Mirador, now in peace.
Train stations in Torremolinos - Torre Mirador up close
A watch tower for tourists and residents, not for the cannons anymore.
Train stations in Torremolinos - Cannon and view
Views from the Torre Mirador. Did you notice a cannon just by the tower? It was part of the battery.
Train stations in Torremolinos - Malaga view
Looking to the side of Malaga.

The park also has beautiful fountains and fitness equipment. Places to walk under shadow and a lot of sunshine. It is a great place for picnics or just for enjoying the day.

Train stations in Torremolinos - fountain
One of the Italian inspired fountains in Parque de la Batería
Train stations in Torremolinos - fitness
Fitness for adults and for kids!

For those who enjoy parks and for kids, Parque de la Batería is a favorite place in Torremolinos; it’s also home to my Kiddo’s favorite playground in the Costa del Sol, because it has trampolines! And because I can take him there by train, I don’t need to worry about finding a place to park.

Train stations in Torremolinos - Playground
The playground at Parque de la Batería

El Pinillo

Train stations in Torremolinos - El Pinillo
El Pinillo station

El Pinillo Station is our last station in Torremolinos, located in a calm residential neighborhood. Walking up, towards the hills, we find a warehouse area, with car repair shops and large furniture shops. Going downhill we find a small park and many residential buildings surrounded by flowers, giving a glimpse of how it is to live in Torremolinos.

Train stations in Torremolinos - Parque el Olivar
Parque El Olivar del Pinillo
Train stations in Torremolinos - houses
Houses near El Pinillo station
Train stations in Torremolinos - Avenida Alcade Miguel Escalona Quesada
Avenida Alcade Miguel Escalona Quesada

Did you like our train trips around Torremolinos? There is no doubt this town offers a lot to see. I hope you learned something new or, at least, had fun seeing again some of the best things Torremolinos has to offer. See you around!

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