Halloween in Estepona 2023

Halloween in Estepona 2023 will be celebrated with a party and a costume contest promoted by Estepona’s City Council. The party will take place on October 31st, from 19:00 to midnight, at Estepona’s Recinto Ferial (fairgrounds) and will be free of charge!

Halloween in Estepona 2023
Poster for Halloween in Estepona 2023

Main attractions

Expect a big party and a lot of scary fun… with a few surprises in store: the party will be entertained by a live (or maybe living-dead?) performance of the pop rock musical group ‘LongPlay’, with their own songs and covers of songs from the 80s. The students of the Laura and Sara Perea dance academy will perform two “terrifying” choreography shows and the Municipal tent in the Recinto will be decorated to welcome otherworldly and ghostly beings that will give atmosphere to the party. Count on pumpkins, skeletons or mummies around throughout the night!

Another attraction of the night will be the ‘Pasage of Terror’ that will be installed in the Municipal Tent and will feature actors who will recreate scary scenes. There will also be a space where a replica of Regan’s room will be made – the girl possessed by the devil in William Friedkin’s film, ‘The Exorcist’.

During Halloween Night, the bar of the Municipal Tent will remain open. Lots of spirits there!


Get ready to scare! The City Council has established a contest with the following categories and prizes for the 2023 edition of the Halloween party:

– Best characterized group (minimum 5 people): €500.
– Largest thematic group: €500.
– Most sinister family: €200.
– Most terrifying character: €100.
– Best characterization: €100.

Recinto Ferial and how to get there

Below, the beautiful Recinto Ferial of Estepona, where the Halloween party will take place. Though I bet it will look different with zombies and mummies…

From Málaga, Torremolinos, Benalmádena, Fuengirola or Mijas, get to the closest train station on the C1 line, which is Fuengirola. From there, taking a a bus would take from 2 to 3 and a half hours – too much, right? I’d recomend getting an Uber or a taxi, so this trip would be done in about an hour.

The thing is that the 60 km that separates Fuengirola and Estepona are on a road that, despite being large, well maintained and safe, is also hilly and full of curves. On top of that, the way shown below goes through the cities, to avoids tolls, because the toll road would cut only about 7 minutes from the trip.

Halloween in Estepona 2023
From Fuengirola train station to the Recinto Ferial de Estepona

From Marbella to the Recinto Ferial of Estepona, the distance is half of from Fuengirola. Half an hour taxi or Uber would do the trick 😉

Halloween in Estepona 2023
Form Marbella city center to the Recinto Ferial de Estepona

The original information for this post has been made available by the Ayuntamiento de Estepona.

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