The great move to Spain

So you have decided to move to Spain and have sorted out the visa documentation. Congratulations, or, in Spanish, !Enhorabuena! You may be considering when to come, but other than that, you are practically in Spain… or not.

The feeling is more that there is so much to do, if I recall correctly. Concerns now are twofold:  in your country of origin, you probably have to close contracts and say your farewells to family and friends, buy tickets and deal with a moving company; in the Spanish side of things, you got to find accommodation, plan the documentation processes and maybe look for school and/or job. Your hands are full!!! Let me try to help with some tips and by sharing our own experience.

Move to Spain fireworks
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We will start by emphasizing the need to speak at least some Spanish. While on that, enjoy the day dreaming of your new life in Spain, and decide when to move. Keep the dream alive while you deal with closing contracts and preparing documents – you’ll need it – but hopefully will be a bit easier with this checklist.

Then things start to feel real when you contact a moving company and get the information on what can and what cannot go to Spain. Talking about it, prepare also your money move! I share on money transfers and banking in Spain for non-residents how we did it – and how you can do it too – plus a few remarks on how banks work in Spain. And since we are talking about money, check here some useful inputs about your cost of life in Spain (surprising, right?!)

On this stage, check our main learnings from moving abroad to give you some confidence on your big day and to prepare you for what is to come. Soon comes the day you face the dreadful farewell, the last time you see friends and family before you move out – keep in mind that it is not a goodbye, it is just a see you later, as you probably will see many of them in Spain on their vacations. 😀 About this time comes the preparation of luggage and the day of packing the move, swiftly followed by the day you get to go to the airport. Then yes, you are in Spain!!

As a bonus, I’ll wear my fortune teller hat and let you know what your first months in Spain are going to be like, including a special view on unpacking. Finally, we’ll do a homage to normality, this taken-for-granted state which a person on the move yearns for.

Eyes on the prize, let’s keep moving. This process is fast, with a lot happening everyday. It is the torment before the calm, so to speak. Get your umbrella ready for now; soon you’ll switch it for the kind that you put on a cocktail. 😉

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  1. This blog is great! A lot of information, organized and easy to find.
    Mandatory reading for those who are thinking or preparing to move to Malaga. Thank you very much!

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