The dreadful farewell

Bidding farewell to family and friends is by far the hardest part of a move. If life abroad tends to be more complicated than in the country of origin, because of the need to deal with a new set of cultural norms and get used to different behaviors, imagine doing that far from the loved ones.

You are likely to miss important occasions like births, marriages and graduations; you may not be able to be by the side of to a loved one in need and will not be part of any of your friends or family meetings; you will see their pictures together on social media and wish you were there. Before deciding on a big move, it is important to check how you gonna feel about that, and if moving out really is what you want.

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Of course, internet helps a lot to deal with the distance. Skype and whatsapp, thank you very much, I don’t think I’d have managed it without you. You will have new friends in your new place and experience a lot of new adventures, but the people that stay behind may not be always so interested in hearing about it; after all, they are living on a different reality, one in which we, that have moved out, play an ever smaller part.

I have found that Facebook has actually helped a lot in keeping me up to date with what is going on in each of “my” countries and in particular with my friends’ lifes, therefore helping to keep a relevant conversation; posting also helps my loved ones remember that I still exist, after all, and initiate a conversation. Social media has its value. 😉

Plan ahead when and how often you intend to visit your original country; even if those plans change later, it is good for your own well-being to have that reference. And more than anything, keep in mind that keeping contact is going to be your responsibility in the future, as you are the one that went away.

The good side is that, considering you are moving to Spain, there is a big chance that family and friends will visit quite often, specially if you have a home that can host them. Maybe you will even have too many of them coming to visit!! So make sure everybody that matters is aware of your moving plans, after all, you don’t want your loved ones feeling left out. Make sure your dear ones know they will be welcome to visit, and maybe plan the next vacations together. Finally, if possible, make a big farewell party or meeting, because you will soon be missing them (the parties. Just kidding; I meant the friends).

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