To the airport!

to the airport
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No, no, not to the airport yet! Not without a sweater! This would not be a “Mama” blog without some final advices before the big trip – though these are good for any trip, actually. So let’s cut straight to the goodies:

Wear comfortable shoes

– On travel day, wear a comfortable shoe that you can take out and put back easily and that allows you to run. Comfortable because you’ll be wearing it for many hours; easy to take out and put again because you may have to take your shoes out during security checks; good to run because airports are huge but time between flights is often tiny.

Wear socks

Wear socks on travel day. You will feel like taking your shoes out during flight; it is safer for you and nicer to your fellow travelers if you are wearing socks.

Avoid wearing anything that contains metal

Avoid wearing anything that contains metal during the flight: earrings, necklaces, bracelets, belts, jeans, shirts with metallic buttons or shoes that have metal on it. You may be requested to take the belt out for security check, and if the metal detector beeps, you have to go back and leave other metal items, too. Then they come and pass a metal detector on you – it is a bit distressing. This also delays the process for you, for the other travelers and for the security team. Be kind and avoid these altogether. Exception: leave your wedding ring on; taking this out could cause problems!!!

Avoid jeans trousers

Avoid jeans trousers on the flight. They have metal zippers and buttons, but worse, they may compress your legs, specially on the part behind your knees. I once had a huge purple on my leg on a six hour flight with jeans trousers. Big no.

Bring some snacks with you, if allowed by the air company

Bring some snacks with you, if allowed by the air company. Airplane food is usually bad (unfortunately; when I was a kid it was delicious) and expensive. So it is worth bringing something to eat during the flight. It is such a happy day, allow yourself some candies – because they are not barred – but don’t bring anything that has liquid in it. Fruits are sometimes allowed, as well as sandwiches.

Don’t forget to take a sweater or a coat with you

I hope these will be useful to you and make the trip less tiring and even enjoyable (too much to ask?) As any good mama, I gotta repeat: don’t forget to take a sweater or a coat with you. It can rain in Spain, you know? And at night it can get cold; as well as it can be cold in the airplane itself. A sweater won’t take space in your luggage if you wear it during the trip, even if it is around your wais or on your shoulders (I know, brilliant, Mama!) Also, it is windy in parts of Spain. You don’t wanna get a cold. 🙂 And now, finally, to the airport! Have a safe trip.

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