Carnival in Torremolinos 2024 – dancing through the streets

The much anticipated program of the Carnival in Torremolinos 2024 is finally out. The City Council released it discreetly, but you can find it on the Ayuntamiento’s page. This year’s festivities will take place in several different locations of the city, but the Plaza Blas Infante, in the Calvario area, will be the spotlight, hosting 4 of the upcoming events.

Carnival in Torremolinos 2024

Remarkably, Torremolinos Carnival will be the latest Carnival of the Costa (at least up to now, among the towns that have already released their program, which is almost all of them). It will happen from February 23 to 25, so if you’ll be around at the end of the month, this is your chance! Check our translation of the program below, as well as my comments in italic, the location of the different events – shown the first time they are mentioned – and the itinerary of the Carnival parade 😉 And don’t forget to bookmark this post, so you can refer to it easily while the Carnival is on!

The Program

Carnival in Torremolinos 2024 - program

Friday, February 23 – opening

09:00 p.m. Carnival Speech
At Plaza Blas Infante
Speaker: David Delfín
Presenter: Félix Godoy
Entertainment by murga “La España vaciada” and comparsa “El Circo del Sol”
Murga is a street band, such as a carnival band. Comparsa is a group of people dancing and/or singing, usually wearing the same costumes.

Saturday, February 24 – Carnival in the Center and in El Calvario

11:00 a.m. Kid’s costume contest
At Plaza Blas Infante
Categories: individual and collective
With kid’s animation, inflatable castles, Make-up workshop and kid’s theater play “El gran Dragón”

05:00 p.m. Carnival animation in the Urban center
Different locations
The program doesn’t specify more than that. I’d assume Plaza de la Nogalera, Plaza Costa del Sol and Plaza San Miguel are likely locations to have bands.
With the following murgas: “Los de here, here”, “Los que viven de alquiller”, “María del Monte”, “Los que nunca te fallan!”, “La España vaciada” and “El genio andalú”.

08:00 p.m. Urban Center Parade
Departing from the Plaza de la Nogalera
With the charangas “Llena que nos vamos” and “Los Cachondos”
Charanga is pretty much like a small murga, a Carnival street band with fewer musicians than a murga. Sometimes, the terms are used as synonyms and doesn’t even refer to the number of musicians.
Route: Plaza de la Nogalera, calle San Miguel, Plaza Costa del Sol, Calle María Barrabino, Plaza de la Independencia, Calle Doctores Ubaldo Delgado, Calle Europa, Calle Rafael Quintana Rosado, Plaza Blas Infante

Carnival in Torremolinos 2024
Route of the Urban Center Parade

At the end of the parade, there will be the adult’s costume contest. If you want to take part, you have to register in the Plaza de la Nogalera at 7:30 p.m., 30 minutes before the start of the parade, as the judges will evaluate the costumes during the parade.

09:00 p.m. Adult’s costume contest
At Plaza Blas Infante

10:00 p.m. Carnival Ball
At Plaza Blas Infante
With the “Free Soul Band”

Sunday, February 25 – Carnival in La Carihuela

12:00 (noon) to 01:00 p.m. La Carihuela Parade
At the Paseo Maritimo, from Rincón del Sol to the Plaza del Remo
With the charanga “Llena que nos vamos”

Carnival in Torremolinos 2024
Route of La Carihuela Parade

01:30 p.m. Carnival shows in La Carihuela
At the Plaza del Remo
With murgas “Los que nunca te fallan!” “La España vaciada” and the comparsa “El genio andalú”.

02:30 p.m. Burning of the Sardine
Between the Chiringuitos “El Canarias” and “El Lele”
See below both chiringuitos and the stretch of sand in between. This location is very close to the Plaza del Remo, shown above.


Torremolinos comes with a late carnival, ideal for those that have enjoyed the party in other cities before and would like a little more. It is also ideal for visitors that will be in Torremolinos at the end of the month. The Town Hall organized the festivity in two different areas in two days, which is a very neat way to do it, so that visitors and locals can opt to join the party closer to their homes if they so prefer – or go to both, of course! And if you are coming to Torremolinos before Carnival time, you can’t miss our February in the Costa del Sol post, with lots of carnival, events and activities both in Torremolinos and in nearby towns this month. February is fully packed!

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