Halloween in Benalmadena 2023 – movies, ancient cultures, tapas, horror and… fish!

Information on the Halloween in Benalmadena 2023 is coming slowly. There are a few events we already know about, but maybe because of the coincidence with other events happening at the same time, coming soon or just finished, the City Council is just now starting to release its plans for next week’s Halloween. That being said, check below all we know about it so far – more will be added as it comes out!

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Plaza de la Mezquita

The traditional Pasaje del Terror (terror passage, or terror way) in the Plaza de la Mezquita, in Arroyo de la Miel, will happen during two days in 2023. On October 31st it will go from 19:00 until 02:00, and on November 1st, from 19:00 to 23:00. The entrance cost is 2 euros. The Pasaje del Terror is a very popular event and there are usually lines to go in; it is more recommended for teenagers and adults, not so much for kids, that can get a bit too scared.

Even if you are not planning to go through the Pasaje del Terror, the Plaza de la Mezquita is the place to be in Benalmadena during Halloween night; it attracts a lot of people in costumes, so it’s fun guaranteed. You can get a table in one of the restaurants and pubs in the Plaza and watch a real parade of monsters having fun. Bellow, the Plaza de la Mezquita when it’s not being haunted:

How to get there

From Benalmadena – Arroyo de la Miel Train Station, walk about 6 minutes through the Avenida de la Constitución. Or follow the other monsters, they will be heading that way!

Puerto Marina

In 2023, we’ll have Halloween in the Marina! That’s new! There will be activities for the whole family on the weekend of October 28 and 29, in Puerto Terror! Kids and adults are welcome to create horror crafts in the crazy science workshops and to participate in monsters’ parades. On Sunday, a rock circus is taking over the area!

This is the program, according to Olebenalmadena:

Saturday, October 28th
11:00 to 14:00 – Face-painting workshop
11:30 to 13:30 – Mini-Labs crazy science workshop
13:00 to 14:00 – Monsters parade 
17:00 to 18:00 – Mini-Labs crazy science workshop
19:00 to 20:00 – Monsters parade 

Sunday, October 29th
11:00 to 13:00 – Mini-Labs crazy science workshop
11:00 to 14:00 – Rock Circus
17:00 to 18:00 – Rock Circus
18:00 to 19:00 – Monsters parade 

How to get there:

Benalmadena Pueblo

There is usually a Halloween party in Benalmadena Pueblo, but so far, nothing of the kind has been published for 2023. What we know so far is that the Museo de Arte Precolombino Felipe Orlando, which is in Benalmadena Pueblo, has prepared a few interesting events for this year’s Halloween:

Museo de Arte Precolombino Felipe Orlando

The Museo de Arte Precolombino Felipe Orlando holds a collection of art pieces from American cultures before the arrival of Columbus. The civilizations that were located where today are Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Colombia are the main originators of pieces on display.

In 2023 they continue a tradition of almost 20 years of celebrating the Altar de Muertos Mexicano (Mexican Altar of the Dead) around the día de los muertos (Day of the dead), november 2nd. They have a traditional Altar in exposition from October 20th to November 12th, which includes sugar skulls, food and beverage offerings and a lot of colorful paper!

Halloween in Benalmadena 2023

Entrance to the Museum is free of charge, and there is a guided visit also for free on Sundays at noon. They also have audio-guided visits in English for free! Check the museum openning times on their main page.

But the Museum Precolombino still has more to offer! On November 3rd, at 18:30, the big event: a parade of skulls and Catrinas will take the streets of Benalmadena Pueblo, from the Plaza de las 3 culturas, in front of the Museum, to the Plaza de España. Don’t miss this opportunity!!

Halloween in Benalmadena 2023

Catrina, in the Mexican tradition, is a well-dressed, elegant, skeleton-lady. Created as a criticism of the Mexican aristocracy, the Catrina has become associated with the way in which the Mexicans view and celebrate death.

Below, the Museum, to the right, and the Plaza de las 3 culturas, in Benalmadena Pueblo:

How to get there

You can’t get there by train, but you can take buses 103, 112, 121 or 126 to get to Benalmadena Pueblo. All 4 bus routes stop by the bus stop near Benalmadena-Arroyo de la Miel Train Station 😉

VII Ruta de la Tapa de Cine

The VII Ruta de la Tapa de Cine (route of movie-like tapas) is an event promoted by the commerce association of Benalmadena (ACEB) in which a group of restaurants or cafes combine to form a ‘route’ of places serving tapas.

Halloween in Benalmadena 2023
Photo by Anastasiia Thijssen. Thanks Ana!

The participating venues sort of compete for the position of best tapa maker – there’s a judging committee and all, but part of the points for the election of the best tapa maker comes from the public – those who want to try the tapas of the route can ask for a ‘tapaporte’ in one of the participating venues; each time they order a tapa, the Tapaporte is stamped.

Halloween in Benalmadena 2023
Above: the Tapaporte, with the list of places participating in the Ruta!

With 9 stamps, they can participate in a draw that gives discounts in selected venues as a prize. To participate in the draw, one must try tapas in at least 3 places in each of the districts of Benalmadena – Arroyo de la Miel, Benalmadena Costa and Benalmadena Pueblo. Those discounts better be good.

Best part: a tapa and a caña (a small glass of beer) cost only 3 euros in the participating venues. But by now you may be asking ‘what does it have to do with Halloween?’ and ‘why tapas de cine?’ We are getting there. It’s de cine because this route happens at the same time that the Festival Internacional de Cortometraje y Cine Alternativo de Benalmádena (FICCAB), the movie festival of Benalmadena; and because 2023’s FICCAB happens close to Halloween, the commerce association decided to have this years’ route Halloween themed (same as last year, actually).

The VII ruta de la tapa de cine will happen from October 27th to November 5th, 2023, and FICCAB will happen from October 28th to November 04.

Halloween in Benalmadena 2023
The great poster for the 2023 FICCAB

Before we continue Halloweening, let me just take a paragraph to applaud FICCAB’s 2023 poster. So funny! They got the Halloween theme and played with a known horror movie – Jaws. But because it is a festival in Benalmadena, they substituted the shark for a boquerón (anchovy), the traditional fish of this part of Spain. Did you notice that the city on the back is Benalmadena? Too good a poster!!!! FICCAB is happening in the Casa de la Cultura in Arroyo and in the Centro de Exposiciones in Benalmadena Costa.

Sea life

Halloween in Benalmadena 2023

Sea life has a special promotion for Halloween: every child who visits in costume from 20 October to 1 November, accompanied by an adult who pays for the standard ticket at the aquarium, will be admitted for free. There will be trick or treats! If you want to know more about this Aquarium, I wrote about Sea life in Benalmadena for kids.

Cable Car

The Cable Car of Benalmadena also has a special promotion for Halloween: kids from 3 to 7 years old in costume, accompanied by an adult who pays for a ticket can travel for free from October 2nd to November 5th. If you want to know more about this unique attraction, I wrote about the Cable Car in Benalmadena for kids.

Holiday World Resort

The Holiday World Resort will have a special decoration for Halloween, a night show, costume contest and more surprises for those brave enough to dare stay in one of the hotels of the group. The price is 55 euros per person per night, and the first kid doesn’t pay. The offer is valid from 27/10/23 to 01/11/23.


As usual, Benalmadena has a lot of interesting things going on. You can find something good whether you prefer a more cultural trip, alternative movies, family fun or the old but gold tapas with beer. Be by the sea in the Marina or in the Sea Life Aquarium, or go up in the sky by Cable Car, but come dressed for the party! Benalmadena shows there are several ways for monsters of all ages to have a good time. See you around!

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