Carnival in Mijas 2024

February 17, 2024

Carnival in Mijas 2024 will be celebrated in 3 days, each with parades in a different part of the city. The first parade will be in La Cala de Mijas, on February 23, then in Las Lagunas on the 24th and finally, in Mijas Pueblo on the 25th. The Ayuntamiento de Mijas has released the Carnival program (below) which is one page only – easy to remember, right? You can see it on the page of Turismo Mijas. Below, as usual, the translation to English and main locations. See you around!

Carnival in Mijas 2024

To take part in the carnival parades, it is necessary to get to the departing place and register one hour before the departure. To go watch and enjoy, all you need is the address! Notice that a ‘cabalgata‘ usually involves more than just a walking parade; there are probably going to be either horses or mechanical cars shining through the parade as well. I think it will be beautiful and worth going if you are in Mijas at the time.

Friday, February 23

5:00 pm Parade in La Cala
Adults and kids in costumes.
Departing from the Bulevar, Centro Socio cultural and arrival at the Parque de la Butibamba.

Carnival in Mijas 2024 - February 23

Above: the Centro Socio Cultural, by the Bulevar de la Cala.

Saturday, February 24

11:00 am Kid’s Parade in Las Lagunas
Kid in costumes.
Departing from Avenida Miguel Hernández (by the Parque Maria Zambrano) and arrival at the Parque Andalucía.

04:00 pm Adult’s parade in Las Lagunas
Adults in costumes.
Parque Andalucía.

Carnival in Mijas 2024 - February 24

Above: the approximate departing point for the kid’s parade in Las Lagunas, in the Avenida Miguel Hernández. Below: Parque de Andalucía in Las Lagunas, where the adult’s parade will take place.

Sunday, February 25

11:00 am Parade in Mijas Pueblo
Adults and kids in costumes.
Departing from the Ayuntamiento de Mijas (Mijas Town Hall) and arrival at the Plaza Virgen de la Peña.

Carnival in Mijas 2024 - February 25

Above: Mijas Town Hall


Mijas will celebrate Carnival 2024 with local parades for their kids (of all ages) that want to enjoy some time having fun while watching the creative costumes their friends and neighbours bring on the parade. I think it will be a good opportunity to join in the fun if you are in the town on the Carnaval dates. Have a great time!

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