Circus, market & Carnival in Estepona

Carnival in Estepona in 2024 is a mix of Carnival and circus in a street market environment. The garden town of the Costa del Sol will have all carnival activities concentrated in three days – from February 9 to 11 – around the Plaza del Ajedrez (Chess Square), near the town center. And since we are talking about gardens, it is worth mentioning that Estepona’s Orchidarium is also nearby.

In different moments of the Carnival, there will be music shows, circus, performances and workshops for kids in the square, that will, simultaneously, be hosting the Carnival market. We can already figure that Carnival in Estepona this year is going to be celebrated in an original way – it has even a Feria feeling to it, doesn’t it? – and I believe it is also going to be amazing. The Estepona City Council encourages everyone to participate in costume as a group or individually, so get your funniest costume and come be part of the attractions!

Plaza del Ajedrez

The Plaza del Ajedrez (Chess Square) is going to be the center of the fun this Carnival in Estepona. It is where the market and shows are happening, start or finish points of the parades. Therefore, I’ve added the directions to the square (below) to make it easier to enjoy this Carnival. 😉

Program of the Carnival in Estepona

The Carnival in Estepona program can be found here, in the City Council’s page, and reproduced in the images below. Right after that, we have the translation of the events, and a few comments of mine in italic.

  • Carnival in Estepona 2024
  • Carnival in Estepona 2024

Friday, February 9

17:30 Official Inauguration of the Carnival Market.
Parade and performance of the brass band “Ponte una Milnoh”, stilts, hoops…
leaving from the European Union Glorieta to the Plaza del Ajedrez.
18:30 Show with the brass band “Ponte una Milnoh” at the Plaza del Ajedrez
20:00 Children’s workshop. Face painting. Interactive tent.
21:00 Music in the Plaza del Ajedrez. Tour of stands.
I am not sure about what is meant by recorrido de paradas / tour of stands. I wonder if there will be some prize for the best market stalls and that is the moment they will be evaluated? Or maybe they just mean to emphasize that the stands are still going to be open after the end of the show and workshop?

Saturday, February 10

11:00 Opening of Carnival Market stalls in the Plaza del Ajedrez.
11:30 Interactive play.
Cooperative game tables for the whole family.
12:00 “Chiqui Pop” Children’s party in the Plaza del Ajedrez.
Entertainment group performance for the little ones. Parade to choose the best costumes
Categories (and prizes):
– Adult Nymph (€100)
– Children’s Nymph (€100)
– Adult Momo God (€100)
– Children’s Momo God (€100)
– Best Adult Costume (€100)
– Best Children’s Costume (€100)
– Best Group Costume (€300).

14:00 Comparsas and Chirigota*
*A Comparsa is a group of singers, musicians and/ or dancers that perform in carnivals and other festivities in Spain.
A Chirigota is a is a carnival-style choral musical group that sings mainly in the streets offering humorous songs.

– La Línea Comparsa: “La Moneda”.
Direction: Daniel Morales Lebron; Lyrics: Fco. Javier Morales Ortega; Music: Ricardo Puyol González.
– Chirigota de Estepona/San Pedro “María del Monte”.
Direction: Alberto Benítez Láinez; Lyrics: Josemi Mata del Río and A. Benítez Láinez; Music: Jose Miguel Mata del Río, Alberto Benítez Láinez and José Juan Pastrana Fernández.
– Marbella Comparsa: “La Joya”.
Direction: Antonio Quiñones “Nono”; Lyrics: Andrés Benítez; Music: Antonio Quiñones “Nono”

18:00 Traditional “Burial of the Sardine with the Mourners” Playa de la Rada (Post Office area).
Leaving from the Plaza del Ajedrez to the beach; meanwhile, the party continues in the Plaza del Ajedrez!

20:00 Children’s Face Painting Workshop.
21:00 Martini Circus Show. Plaza del Ajedrez Stage.
21:40 Fire Show. Plaza del Ajedrez Stage.
22:00 Music in the Plaza del Ajedrez. Tour of stands.

Sunday, February 11

11:00 Opening of Carnival Market stalls in the Plaza del Ajedrez.
11:30 Interactive play.
Cooperative game tables for the whole family.
12:30 Circus workshop for kids.
A space where children can try different juggling and circus elements, feeling like true artists.
14:00 Hoop Show. Manuela del Aro.
16:30 Children’s mask workshop. Ideal for playing and dressing up at carnival.
18:00 Children’s soap bubble workshop.
19:00 Hoop Show. Manuela del Aro.


The program feels like a lot of fun for the whole family; a remarkable event to build beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. If you are at Estepona or nearby from February 9 to 11, the Plaza del Ajedrez is the place to be! As the program asks: ¿Te lo vas a perder? (Are you going to miss it?)

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