The best of June in the Costa del Sol

May 18, 2024
Last update: June 20, 2024

June in the Costa del Sol is pure joy. The weather is perfect, the activities are abundant, and the vibrant fairs and festivals make it an ideal time to visit. With events like the Ferias of Marbella and Benalmadena, and attractions ranging from stunning beaches to cultural celebrations, June in this sunny region offers something for everyone. Whether you’re exploring local markets, enjoying a flamenco show, or relaxing on a boat trip, the Costa del Sol in June promises unforgettable experiences.

June in the Costa del Sol - A beach with palmtrees and restaurants

The weather in June in the Costa del Sol

The weather in June is already warm. It is more than enough to enjoy the beach and the surroundings, so come prepared – sunglasses, sunscreen, hats, shorts, and light clothes are all in. On top of that, the sun takes its time to go down – 9:00 pm is still day! So, if you like, you can get to the beach at 5:00 pm and enjoy it until 8:00 pm, then go straight to beachside late dinner and cocktails… living the life.

In June, the average high temperatures in the Costa del Sol range from 26oC to 30oC and happen between 14:00h and 16:00h; the average lows are around 16oC and 20oC, in the early morning, around 7:00h. The weather is heating up fast! There is little chance of rain, but it is still possible; there may be strong winds, though.

Temperature graph for June in Malaga
Accuweather graphic for the actual temperatures in Malaga in June 2023.

Weather-related data for June in Malaga (data from Weather2travel):
🏊 sea temperature: +20oC
🌅 Sunrise times: 07:00 (June 1) – 07:02 (June 30)
🌙 Sunset times: 21:31 (June 1) – 21:41 (June 30)
🌼 Average number of daylight hours: 15
☀️ Average number of sunshine hours per day: 11

The weather information above is for Malaga (city), but as the towns are so close together, you can extend this information to the surrounding areas as well. Torremolinos, Benalmadena, Fuengirola, Mijas, Marbella and Estepona, as well as Rincón de la Victoria, Torrox and Nerja, should not differ much.


There are no national holidays in June 2024, nor holidays specific to Malaga province this year. There are special dates, though; as Marbella will celebrate its Feria de San Bernabé from June 05 to 11, and Benalmadena will have its Feria de San Juan from June 24 to 29, some of the commerce may be closed on those dates in each town.

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Events are celebrations, fairs, exhibitions, parades or parties organized, in part or in total, by the local government of the towns of the Costa del Sol. They are usually great, free of charge and very much worth checking if you are around. The only downside is that the towns tend to publish them very close to the event’s date; two weeks before, often less. Therefore, much of what I can publish ahead is based on what usually happens.

The events that mention date, time and location are already confirmed; the others will likely provide more information during the month. So, if you are coming in June 2024, bookmark this post, as I’ll be updating it every time I get some new information! 

Lasting the whole month: Mijas’ Flamenco and market

Flamenco shows every Wednesday and Saturdays, at noon, at the Virgen de la Peña Square, in Mijas Pueblo – for free – and several markets in Mijas (see below, in English). 😉

Flamenco Mijas program of Flamenco shows
Markets in Mijas in 2024

Above: directions to the Virgen de la Peña Square, in Mijas Pueblo.

Lasting the whole month: Cirque du Soleil in Malaga

From May 31 to June 30, the Cirque du Soleil will be in Malaga performing the show Alegria. The iconic circus brings unforgettable acrobatics, flaming batons, modern clowns and a world of surprises in a perfectly tailored ambiance. Tickets are still available and cost from 48 to 150 euros, depending on date, time and seat within their tent. They can be bought online at Cirque du Soleil.

Cirque du Soleil Alegria poster

June 1 – 2: Pride 2024 in Torremolinos

In 2024, the traditional Pride in Torremolinos started on May 29 (even before, actually; there were events happening from May 17!) but the big one, The Pride Parade, will happen on June 1st, and there will be a beach party on June 2nd, among other events. Check our dedicate post about the Pride 2024 for the full program, locations and directions for this uniquely colorful event!

June 1
From 5:00 pm – PRIDE 2024 PARADE
Departure: Torremolinos City Council

June 2
4:00 pm – BEACH PARTY
Playa El Bajondillo, next to Eden Beach Club

Torremolinos Pride poster

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June 2 – Corpus Christi celebration in Benalmadena

Benalmadena Pueblo celebrates Corpus Christi in a unique way: citizens and the Town hall create several carpets made of flower petals, side by side and colorful, that cover the path where the Corpus Christi procession (called La Custodia) will happen. This work takes days to complete and leaves the Calle Real, in the center of the village, literally covered in petal flowers forming beautiful patterns.

Corpus Christi
Benalmadena Pueblo prepared for Corpus Christi. Image from Turismo Benalmadena

The passing of the procession undoes the flower carpets; so, if you want to go see this unique tradition, make sure you get there before the procession starts. Talking about that, this is the program for Corpus Christi celebration in Benalmadena:

In Benalmadena Pueblo
11:00 a.m. – Mass in the Church Santo Domingo de Guzmán
Noon – Procession through the street of Benalmadena Pueblo

In Benalmadena Costa
Noon – Mass in the Church Virgen del Carmen, followed by procession to Residencia Orpea

In Arroyo de la Miel
07:00 p.m. – Mass in the Church Inmaculada de la Concepción, followed by procession.

I went to Benalmadena Pueblo today to see the celebration, and getting there was really difficult! I waited for two buses – one didn’t come, the other appeared late and completely full; I ended up going by taxi. I rely more on trains, whenever possible, but that is not the case for the Pueblo. Once there, though, everything was good. Below, a taste of 2024’s Corpus Christi in Benalmadena Pueblo, starting with this year’s flower carpet at Calle Real:

Around the Pueblo, residents created altars along the ways. They spread odorant green leaves on the floor, too; so, as people passed, the air would be filled with the aroma of mint or rosemary. A few of the altars:

Plaza de España, where La Niña de Benalmádena is, and Plaza de Andalucía also had altars:

And the procession:

June 05 – 11: Feria de San Bernabé in Marbella

The program for the Feria de Marbella is out – check our translation here – and as expected, the Feria will start with a lively procession in honor of San Bernabé, on May 26. Then, there will be a wide range of events, like shows and workshops taking place in both the Parque de la Alameda and in the Recinto Ferial (fairgrounds), where there will be a funfair. Several food stands will probably be present in both places, offering traditional (or not) food and snacks, such as baked potatoes, churros, cotton candy and burgers!

During the nights, there will be shows and parties happening in the Auditorium of the Recinto Ferial, as well as beautiful lights all around, celebrating life, San Bernabé and Marbella!

Feria de Marbella 2024 poster

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June 7: Patina en la Calle in Benalmadena

Patina en la Calle (Roller skate in the street) is an event that has been happening for 14 years in Benalmadena. In 2024, it will happen on 3 different dates, and one of them is on June 7, in the evening, from 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm, in the Avenida de la Constitución. The meeting point is in front of the Casa de la Cultura, in Arroyo de la Miel; you can bring your roller or come just to people watch. Needless to say, bus and car traffic will be cut in the main street of Benalmadena for the event, so use the train. 😉

Patina en la Calle Poster

June 16: Romería de San Juan

The Romería de San Juan is a traditional event in Benalmadena. San Juan Bautista is the patron of the town, and this romería (procession) preceds the Feria de San Juan (see below). I went there in 2023 and has a lot of fun. I expected it to de very formal, but in fact it was a blast – a lot of locals feeling proud of Benalmadena and Arroyo de la Miel and celebrating it to the fullest. The front part of the romería is more serious and religious; the back is pure party.

Come if you want to see a real tradition going on in the streets, with locals dressed in traditional attire and well-behaved bulls and horses pulling chariots. A few pictures of last year:

It will depart at 11 AM from Calle Oropéndola and go towards the Recinto Ferial, where a paella will be served and bands will be playing through the afternoon! 🙂 Last year I got to know the itinerary half an hour before the start of the romería; I believe this year it is going to be the same or a very similar route, as so far I know it starts and finishes in the same spots as in 2023. Check the Romería de San Juan 2023 for the route and (many!) more images. 😉

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June 21 – 23: Magic Market in Estepona

Estepona will promote a market along the promenade from June 21 to 23. It will have crafts, gastronomy, music, fire show, acrobatics, falconry and entertainment. Sounds good!

June 21-24: Verbena de San Juan de El Boquetillo, Fuengirola

Verbenas are open air parties, with music and dance. El Boquetillo is a neighborhood in Fuengirola which traditionally celebrates San Juan with a verbena – This year, the celebrations will last for four nights and include several shows and fireworks! You can check the full program and directions here.

Above: Image of the Verbena in 2022 (Source). On the right: 2024’s Verbena San Juan poster

June 21-24: San Juan in Torremolinos

Torremolinos will celebrate San Juan all around town. It will start on the 21st, in Montemar Alto (Pista deportiva Calle Decano Jacinto Mesa, right by Montemar Alto Train Station) with a show by the group Trenzao, attractions for kids and food stalls; which will continue on the next day, including food stalls and music also in Cantarranas (La Leala – Calle Madame Bovary). Then, on the 23rd, there will be a paella in Montemar Alto, a bonfire in Cantarranas, and another bonfire, music and a moraga (sardines or other fish roasted in the open air with a wood fire) in la Carihuela, on the beach next to Plaza del Remo! To close it all, a mass and a procession on the 24th from Montemar Alto.

June 23: San Juan’s eve everywhere!

San Juan is celebrated along the Costa del Sol with both fireworks and bonfires, these last ones known as the burning of the Juas (a human sized doll, originally symbolizing Judas, that nowadays can symbolize anything or anyone unwanted). Fuengirola will celebrate in El Boquetillo (see Verbena de San Juan, above); Benalmadena will have bonfires in Arroyo and fireworks on the beach (see Feria de San Juan, below); Torremolinos will celebrate in three different areas (see San Juan in Torremolinos, above); Mijas will have bonfires both in La Cala and in Mijas Pueblo; Marbella will have concerts and bonfires both in the Playa del Cable and in San Pedro de Alcantara; Estepona will host a Flamenco concert and – you guessed it – a bonfire!

June 23 – 30: Feria de San Juan in Benalmadena

The Feria de San Juan in Benalmadena, also known as Feria de Arroyo de la Miel and as Feria de Benalmadena, is a fantastic event. Its main location is Benalmadena’s fairgrounds, next to La Paloma park – you can actually visit both in one go – but Feria events happen all over Arroyo. It starts with bonfires in the streets of Arroyo de la Miel and fireworks by the beach on San Juan’s eve (June 23), and then continues with shows, music, dance and food stalls for one week!

There are playgrounds (or a funfair!) near each of the 3 main locations, and there are plenty of activities for kids during the Feria de Benalmadena, so they are sure to have a great time. I’ve translated the program for the Feria de San Juan 2024, that you can check in the link and points out directions for all the venue of the fair; check also the Feria de Benalmadena 2023 to see what to expect. Below, the posters for 2024’s fair.

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June 26 – 30: Feria de las Lagunas de Mijas

The Feria de las Lagunas de Mijas will bring a lot of music to the center of Mijas. The Recinto Ferial de Las Lagunas, where much of this fair will happen, is about half an hour walking from Fuengirola Train Station, so it is easy to get there. Well worth checking 🙂

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June 28: International LGTBI Pride Day in Marbella

Marbella will celebrate of the LGBTI Pride Day in the Glorieta de La Fontanilla, situated by the tourism office and very close to the promenade and to the beach. The event will start at 7 pm, with crafts and make up workshops for kids and teens, and proceed with shows in the square.

More things to do in June

See the dolphins in Benalmadena

A super popular activity for both kids and adults is to go see the dolphins that make the Costa del Sol home. It’s a lot of fun in one go: it’s a boat trip, from which you can see the Costa del Sol shores and sunbathe from the deck or hide in the shade and enjoy the underwater views from the boat’s underwater windows. You can also purchase drinks from the boat bar, and even swim, depending on the weather and sea conditions. Oh, and there are dolphins, too!

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Visit the aquarium in Benalmadena

Have you ever been close to a shark? The Sea Life aquarium in Benalmadena allows you to see sharks swimming right by you. You can also see rays and turtles, and even touch a starfish. The aquarium is in Puerto Marina, a beautiful area of the town, full of restaurants and great views, so you can enjoy both Sea Life and the Marina in one go. 😉

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Sail along the coast of Marbella

Relax watching the sunset while sailing along the coast of Marbella on this romantic sailboat cruise. You may see Gibraltar and even the coast of Africa, while enjoying the wine, beer and snacks included in the package.

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Hop-on and hop-off around Benalmadena

If it is your first time in Benalmadena, or if you have not yet explored the city beyond the beaches, I’d strongly recommend the Hop-on Hop-off bus. It takes you to the main places of the city in a comfortable way, and you can make as many stops as you fancy on the way. The ticket lasts for 48 hours, which means you can take your time and even use the panoramic bus as your transportation within the city; you can go from the beach to the cable car, climb up Mount Calamorro and continue your hop-on hop-off excursion later and / or on the next day, for instance.

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The bus departs from the Marina of Benalmadena, passes around La Paloma Park, then to Arroyo, with one of the stops being close to the train station (fancy taking the opportunity to check Fuengirola or Torremolinos as well?) and the other close to the cable cars / Tivoli area / mercadillo. You check our main post about Benalmadena; it may help you choosing where to stop.

Pro-tip 1: the Hop-on Hop-off buses that reach up to Benalmadena Pueblo are the ones that depart at 12:30 pm and 05:30 pm; the others don’t go all the way up there.
Pro tip 2: if you like mercadillos (street markets), take this bus on a Friday, as the stop number 8 is right next to Benalmadena’s Friday market. 😉

Outdoor escape game in Estepona

A way to explore the city without a tour guide, by solving (easy) quests and questions. Do it at your own pace, as many times as you want – you download the app on your phone and go following the clues, that will take you to the best spots in town, stopping where and when you want. It is yours forever. An interesting way to know the Garden City of the Costa del Sol, isn’t it?

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June in the Costa del Sol is a delightful blend of warm weather, exciting events, and diverse activities. From the lively Ferias to the serene beaches and cultural performances, there’s no shortage of things to do and see. Whether you’re looking to immerse yourself in local traditions or simply enjoy the coastal beauty, the Costa del Sol in June is the perfect destination for an unforgettable summer getaway.

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