Feria de Benalmádena – our fist time at this extraordinary event

July 7, 2023

The Feria de Benalmadena is also called Feria de San Juan or Feria de Arroyo de la Miel – this last name to differentiate from the other feria that happens in Benalmádena, The Feria de la Virgen de la Cruz or Feria de Benalmádena Pueblo.

The 2023 edition of the Feria de Benalmádena happened from June 24 to June 29, officially. Curiously, their program has activities all the way from June 21 to July 1st, so you can see the party got extended. And it was fun. I’ll show and tell below mostly about the events I went to.

Religious events

The Romería de San Juan, despite not being officially an event of the Feria, is sort of the religious event that opens the Feria. It happened on June 18 and you can see and read all about it on its dedicated post, previously linked. It was very interesting and quite vibrant, completely different of the idea I had about a procession; well worth checking if you didn’t yet 😉

Fireworks, city lights and decorations

On the eve of the Feria itself there are other ‘Feria openings’ around the city. There are tall dolls (called Júas) being burned in big bonfires over which people jump in the streets of Arroyo de la Miel, a more traditional, business and residential area of the city; the fireworks happening on the beach, close to Bil-Bil castle (let’s say, in a more touristic area of the city) and the official encendido de las luces (turn on the lights) that decorates the city for the Feria nights and lit up all at once. Beautiful. Below, some pictures:

Quema de los Júas; picture from the newspaper La Opinión de Málaga.

I tried to find the Júas but couldn’t; nowhere on the program it says in what streets they will be burnt, so I guess I’ll wait and try again next year! I found the lights and decoration, though:

The city was very beautiful. The fireworks on the beach were also lovely and attracted thousands of people to the beach; if you are around Benalmádena on June 23, it is worth going out!

Feria de día

The events of the Feria de día (daytime fair) happened either on the casseta (temporary structure resembling a house, covered by a tarpaulin) set in the Plaza Pueblosol or in the Plaza de la Mesquita.

I had the impression that the daytime attractions would be for kids, so I took Kiddo to the plaza Pueblosol. But I was wrong. There were several shows going on there, but for adults. And the place was crowded, full of people dancing to the bands. It was a big hit of the Feria, judging by the amount of people that gathered there on the very, very hot summer days of the Feria. Did I mention it was hot? Yes? Well, it was hotter. And still, full. Me and Kiddo got out, then bought two popsicles and two portable, electric fans on the way back home!!

Coming back from the Feria de día. Benalmádena, 2023.


Aww, this was our favorite event. A bit mysterious from the start, as the program just readen campo de fútbol Isco Alarcón (el Tomillar) habrá un parque acuático infantil’ something like ‘In the soccer field there will be an waterpark for kids’. I felt like this: How? Ahn? Wait, what?  And so we went there:

There were several inflatables filled with water, and people watering it more with hoses during the whole afternoon. I hope everybody wore sunscreen. Kiddo loved it, and we’ll go back next year, if it happens again!

This was the first time they had the inflatables in the soccer field. In previous years, there was an (amazingly fun and unique) waterslide down Calle Flores, right in the center of the city, passing in front of the police station. People could do their NIE and go slide in celebration!

Above: image of the waterslide that was part of the Feria de Benalmadena in 2018. I believe the waterslide happened on the Ferias from 2017 to 2022; correct me in the comments, please, if this is wrong 😉  Image from a 2018 post of Benalmadena Costa del Sol on Facebook.

As fun as the city slide must have been, I think I prefer the waterpark, because it offers more variety and feels a bit safer; also, it is more inclusive because smaller kids can enjoy it. Kiddo found half of his schoolmates in the waterpark, so I can tell it attracted a lot of the children of the city! The waterpark happened during only one day of the Feria.

Feria de noche

The feria de noche, or nighttime fair, happened on the Recinto Ferial La Paloma, beside the city park.

Feria de Benalmadena
Above: one of the entrances to the fairgrounds. Phot by Mama Málaga.

During the evenings, the main attraction of the Feria was the funfair that was installed in the recinto ferial. There was a part with rides for very little kids and another with rides for adults, teenagers or very brave kids. There were also several street food vendors – my favorite ride.

As the night progressed, the shows started to happen in cassetas, such as the one below. There were parties and several Spanish singers or groups, from Flamenco to rap.  

Ptazeta, a young rapper from the Canary Islands (Spain), was the main attraction of the nightfair. I didn’t see her show, because 1) it started at midnight, for a good reason – meaning, if kids are around and speak Spanish, see the video later – and 2) I had not searched her on youtube up to the moment of writing this post, nor did I know I’d like Spanish rap. Now I’m in love, and hoping she comes back next year. So, for you all… Ptazeta:

Ptazeta video on youtube


So, did you enjoy the Feira de Benalmádena? Our family had a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to go again next year and check everything I couldn’t check this year! Seems that once is not enough. Up to then, we can enjoy the many ferias that are still coming this summer!

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