Booking a residence appointment for non-EU citizens

December 22, 2022

We have already seen the list of documents for non-EU citizens to request residence in Spain. So now, let’s move on to book this residence appointment. Start by going to the site of the Spanish Public Administration (the same used for the NIE). Choose your province and press aceptar (to accept).

Scrol down, then leave cualquier oficina (any office) because you can chose this later, among the available places. Ignore the second blue line and chose the service “Police-Toma de huella (expedición de tarjeta), renovación de tarjeta de larga duración y duplicado”, as you did before to check the documents list:

Press aceptar (to accept). The next page is the one we dealt with in documents and fee for non-EU citizens. Take a good look on the list of the requirements; if you have all it takes, continue with the booking; if not, stop here and deal with the missing pieces before setting the appointment. Talk to your gestor if you are not sure about what applies to you and / or if you don’t know how to get one or more of the requirements. To continue booking, press Entrar (enter).

As of September 2022

Next comes the page that ask for your document, full name and country of origin. Fill them.

And click aceptar (to accept).

The next page allows you to ask for a time; all you need to do is press Solicitar cita (ask for an appointment).

Next comes the moment to choose where, meaning in which police office, you want to book your appointment. Choose the one that is more convenient to you and click Siguiente (next).

The following page will request your phone and e-mail. We are almost done! Just fill and press Seguiente (next).

You can now choose, just like with the NIE, one of the three appointments offered. Choose and press seguiente (next).

After this point there will be the confirmation page. When you confirm you may receive a message on your phone and have to put this information on the request for it to be final. Keep the Justificante (proof) with you, as this is what proves that you are booked for that place and time, as you won’t be allowed in without it. Voilá, you are fully booked to have your residence permit!

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